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The Alexandra District Health has a long tradition of service having been founded in 1871.

To continue to serve the community well and maintain the highest standards of patient care remain the primary concern. This Health facility is an accredited facility, as surveyed by the Australian Council on Health Care Standards, ensuring that you as a patient can expect truly dedicated provision of, and the highest level of care.

There may be questions you would like answered while you are in Hospital. This information is designed to anticipate these questions, but does not take the place of personal discussions with your doctor, the Nurse Unit Manager or Hospital staff.

Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Directive

Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker

Office of Public Advocate Take Control


Your admission to Hospital will be arranged by the Nurse Unit Manager and you will be advised of the date and time either by your own doctor or by a letter from the Hospital.

On arrival at the Hospital please present to Reception during office hours and to the Nurses Station at other times. The person admitting you will request detailed information for the Hospital; records including your Medicare Card and Health Insurance Details.

What To Bring With You

For your stay in Hospital, you should bring with you:


No responsibility is accepted for money or valuables you keep in the ward. You are encouraged to leave these items at home, however, the nurse will place valuables in a safe and give you a receipt.

Electrical Appliances

To ensure safety, all electrical applicances brought into the hospital must be tagged and tested by maintenance staff before use. ie shavers, hair dryers etc.


The Hospital does not undertake private laundry. You must make outside arrangements for this.


Alcohol must not be brought into the Hospital for consumption by patients without permission.


Smoking is not permitted in the Hospital. There is a designated smoking area at the rear of the
main building. This is in keeping with the Health and Community Services Department and is Strictly enforced.


Meal Times are as follows:

Breakfast 7.45am
Morning Tea 10.15am
Lunch 12.15pm
Afternoon Tea 3.00pm
Evening Meal 5.45pm
Supper 7.30pm

There is always a choice of menu and plenty of variety in the food.

A qualified Dietitian regularly reviews the menus and prepares special diets for some patients. The Dietitian is available for consultation by medical referral to outpatients.


Mail is delivered during the mid-morning. Outwards mail may be sent to the office for posting prior to mid-afternoon.


Arrangements can be made directly with the Newsagent and not with the Hospital or you may order at the Nurses Station the evening before for the daily paper. Newspapers will be delivered between 7am and 8am each morning.


A Red Cross library situated in the Hospital has magazines and books should you require reading material.


For Inpatients, items such as drugs and dressings are supplied by the Hospital. Personal items of an urgent nature will be ordered from the chemist and they will be charged to your account.


Free local calls may be made from the phone beside each bed. Incoming mobile and STD calls can be received from these phones.

Radio and Television

Radio receivers must be used with an earphone. Color televisions are available for rental in most wards.  Ask on Admission.


Ministers of all denominations visit regularly. If you wish to see a specific minister, please ask the Nursing Staff, who will notify the appropriate person

Inquiries Regarding Patients

Your relatives may make general inquiries regarding your progress by telephone. The hospital number is:
(03) 5772 0900 or FAX (03) 5772 1094


Visitors are asked to report to the Nurses station prior to visiting patients.

Visitors are asked not to take foods or sweets to patients, especially children, without first asking the Nursing Staff.

Discharge from Hospital

You will usually be given plenty of notice of the discharge date. The Nursing Staff will help you make the necessary arrangements and ensure you have all necessary items with you. Medications will be returned on discharge. Should you have any queries or concerns following your discharge, please call the Hospital and ask to speak to the Nurse In Charge.

Board and Lodging

For those who are identified as essential care givers, there is provision for bed and meals. Costs are available on request.

Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Plans

Advance Care Plan Form

Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical Treatment) Form

Medicare Ineligible Patients

Average costs for Services Provided to Medicare Ineligible patients

Alexandra District Health

12 Cooper Street
Victoria 3714

Tel: 03 5772 0900
Fax: 03 5772 1094



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