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We wish to advise that one of our Doctors has had close contact with a person who has tested positive for the corona virus. Our Doctor is well and does not have any symptoms of COVID -19 but has been tested and is isolating for 14 days in line with DHHS guidelines. We would like to reassure the community that this is a precautionary measure, and that there is no need for alarm.

We remind you of the Premier and Chief Health Officers advice to be tested as soon as you have symptoms; runny nose, sore throat, fever or loss of sense of smell or taste. Please contact the nurse in charge at on 0418 589 131 if you have any symptoms to organise a swab.


COVID-19 Restrictions for Visiting Patients

As part of the ongoing COVID-19 response, we have been directed to increase our preventative measures to keep our community, patients and staff safe.

New Hospital Visitor Directions are in place until 11.59pm on 16 August 2020, in accordance with the declared state of emergency.

Where possible, people should only attend the Health Service for essential medical care.

A person may visit a patient if:

Limits on the number of visitors and length of visit will apply.

Individuals with respiratory or coronavirus symptoms are not allowed to visit any patients at ADH. All visitors will be screened prior to gaining entry into the Health Service.

All visitors over 18 years old, must now wear a mask when entering the Health Service. If you don’t have a personal cloth mask, a single use mask will be provided.

Hand sanitiser is to be used before entering and upon leaving the Health Service, and before and after entering a patient’s room.

Visitors must stay in the patient’s room at all times and limit movement around the building. Quick trips to the bathroom can be made.

When the visit is over, visitors should leave the Health Service. Please do not wander through hallways or spend time in public areas, including foyers and waiting areas. Single use masks should be discarded upon leaving the hospital.

If you are unsure about visiting restrictions, or have any questions about COVID-19 please give us a call on 5772 0900, or the nurse in charge on 0418 589 131

Visit the Victorian Government’s coronavirus website for current information and updates:

General Access to Alexandra District Health

Despite some easing of restrictions, there has been no change to entry procedures at ADH. All external entrances remain locked. During business hours, only the main entrance should be used to enter and exit the Health Service. To access the Health Service, you need to press the door bell / buzzer. This calls Reception where initial screening will be undertaken. Access to Urgent Care is restricted and this entrance should only be used outside of general business hours, or for those requiring urgent care or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Restrictions on visiting hours apply and we have screening practices in place. All visitors must have their temperature checked and answer some screening questions prior to entering the Health Service. Anyone entering the Health Service is required to wear a sticker which is clearly visible at all times. The sticker will note the time that the visitor entered the Health Service.

Visiting hours and limitations remain as follows:

If a patient is coming to the Health Service for an outpatient appointment or surgery, they can bring one support person if needed but the same visitor restrictions apply.

No children are permitted to access the Health Service unless the child is having surgery or attending an appointment. In this case they can be accompanied by one parent or guardian only.

If you are attending for a procedure or appointment please organise care for your children as they cannot come with you into the Health Service.

Visit the Victorian Government’s coronavirus website for current information and updates:


New wheels for the District Nursing Team

There was much excitement today at Alexandra District Health when the District Nurses received the “keys” (which is actually a keyless electronic fob!) to their brand-new Toyota Hybrid Rav 4.  The Rav 4’s latest technology provides us with improved fuel economy, greater distance per tank and less emissions.

Our District Nursing Service offers professional advice and education regarding a range of health issues, including support and education after a stay in hospital, wound care, removal of sutures, checking of blood pressure or blood glucose levels, care of long-term intravenous lines, care and change of urinary catheters and our nurses can refer you to other health care professionals. Our team consists of Registered Nurses; Robyn Sawyer (pictured right), Simone Russell (pictured left), Lisa Francis and Anne Marie Ellis, who have all enjoyed between 10 and 20 years at Alexandra District Health, and have over 100 years of nursing experience collectively. The team’s diverse backgrounds include acute respiratory disease, community clinical practice, rural health, nursing in overseas conflict zones and acute tertiary hospital care. They are happy to discuss your particular requirements and work in collaboration with our local GP clinics and other hospitals.

The new vehicle proudly displays the new Alexandra District Health logo which takes inspiration from the surrounding mountain ranges and rivers that make up the local area.

For more information or to contact our District Nurses, please call Alexandra District Health on 5772 0900, or contact your local GP to arrange a referral.

Asymptomatic testing clinic for COVID-19

A major COVID-19 testing blitz is currently taking place across Victoria, to better understand how the virus is spreading in the state. While the number of cases is low, there is still a chance that the virus is present but undetected in Victorians. Widespread testing is strongly encouraged at the present time and every effort is being made to actively find cases of COVID-19.

As part of the testing blitz, Alexandra District Health will be conducting a drive-through screening clinic for people who are asymptomatic (do not have symptoms), on Thursday 7 May between 10am and 1pm. Asymptomatic community members are able attend the Health Service during this time for testing. Testing will be undertaken in the car park by Alexandra District Health staff, with traffic management assistance from Murrindindi Shire Council. People requesting testing will be required to present their Medicare card and complete a consent form at the time of screening. Temperature and symptom screening will be undertaken prior to testing.

This service is available for people with no COVID-19 symptoms and who are otherwise well.

People do not need to self-isolate if they are tested without COVID-19 symptoms. A nurse from Alexandra District Health will contact anyone who volunteers to be tested with their results.

A copy of the information sheet ‘Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – getting tested when you do not have symptoms (asymptomatic testing). What you need to know’ is available here. Consent can be completed either by hard-copy form or by using the DHHS COVID-19 Rapid Screening Tool on your personal mobile phone.

Updated Entry Procedures at Alexandra District Health

From 21 April, access to ADH will be available via the main entrance. Perspex screening has been installed around the main Reception desk and this will assist Reception staff in maintaining distancing procedures when engaging with visitors and clients. It was a team effort to have the Perspex in place far more quickly than expected and we thank all involved for their efforts.

Temperature screening of all persons entering the Health Service will continue. Once screened, you will be given a sticker that indicates the date and is initialed by the screening ADH staff member. This label is to be worn for the duration of your visit to the Health Service.

Anyone who has a fever will be directed to the Urgent Care entrance for further investigations.

Currently we are not accepting any paperwork or cash from patients or clients. Clients are encouraged to pay with contactless eftpos or credit card. Referrals for xray and ultrasound need to be emailed or faxed through to ADH prior to attending appointments. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us on 5772 0900.

Once again, we thank you for your ongoing understanding and support.

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Changed Entry Procedures at Alexandra District Health

We have introduced some changes to entry procedures at Alexandra District Health as we continue to update our processes in line with DHHS guidelines.

From Friday 17 April at 5pm, the main entrance to Alexandra District Health will be closed. Access will be via the Clinical Labs Pathology Entrance, where all staff, visitors and clinicians will have their temperature checked prior to entering.

Once screened you will be able to enter the Health Service and you will be given a sticker that indicates the date and is initialed by the screening ADH staff member. This label is to be worn for the duration of your visit to the Health Service.

Anyone who has a fever will be directed to the Urgent Care entrance for further investigations.

The main entrance can still be used to exit the Health Service.

Thank you for your ongoing understanding and support.


Screening of Visitors, including Clients, Visiting Clinicians and Visiting Medical Officers

From Thursday 16 April, all visitors to the Health Service will have their temperature checked prior to entering the Health Service. Once screened and deemed able to enter the Health Service, visitors will be given a sticker that indicates the date and is initialed by the screening ADH staff member. This label is to be worn for the duration of your visit to the Health Service.

Anyone who has a fever will be directed to the Urgent Care entrance for further investigations.


How we're helping manage COVID-19 risks

The Nurse in Charge is available on 0418 589 131, 24-hours a day. We encourage anyone with concerns to call us. If you have symptoms of, or suspected exposure to Coronavirus, telephone the Nurse in Charge prior to presentation to Urgent Care at Alexandra District Health.

All visitors and patients undergo screening procedures prior to entering the Health Service. We ask questions such as whether they have travelled overseas, whether you have a cough, sore throat or a high temperature. If someone who presents at the Health Service meets the DHHS criteria for swabbing, they would be swabbed by nursing staff wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE). If otherwise well, they would then return home to self-isolate until their results are returned. If the person requires hospitalisation, they would first be assessed to determine if they meet the admission capability for Alexandra District Health. If a higher level of care is required, such as respiratory support, ambulance transfer would be arranged.

Updated Visiting Hours are as follows:
• 10.00am to 12noon or 6.00pm to 8.00pm
• No visit can be longer than 2 hours
• No visitors under the age of 16 years

Patients can only have one or two visitors at one time. The maximum time visitors can stay is two hours and that patient then can’t have any more visitors for the rest of the day. This has been put in place to limit the risk to both patients and visitors. Exemptions to these rules may apply in special circumstances such as Palliative Care. Visitors requesting exemptions will need to discuss their visit with the Nurse in Charge on 0418 589 131 prior to visiting the Health Service.

We are here to help and provide support to our community. If you are concerned and need advice, please contact us. As always, we recommend you stay informed with the most up to date information by visiting


Be Aware of Scams

We have received a report that a community member received a phone call from someone claiming to be calling on behalf of Alexandra District Health. An employee of Alexandra District Health will always give you their name and position within the Health Service. If in doubt, never give any of your details to the caller, request the name and position of the person you are speaking with and return their call by dialling the Health Service on (03) 5772 0900.


Coronavirus COVID - 19 Update

In our ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of patients and staff against the COVID-19 risk, the visiting hours at Alexandra District Health have changed.

Visiting hours is as follows:

Exemptions to these rules may apply in special circumstances such as Palliative Care. Visitors requesting exemptions will need to discuss their visit with the Nurse in Charge on 0418 589 131 prior to visiting the Health Service.

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Coronavirus COVID - 19

Alexandra District Health recommends members of the community keep up to date with the latest information about Coronavirus Disease by visiting

Alexandra District Health is encouraging any patients with symptoms of, or suspected exposure to Coronavirus to telephone the Urgent Care Nurse on 0418 589 131 prior to presentation to Urgent Care at Alexandra District Health. This will provide our experienced staff the opportunity to have the necessary precautions in place prior to you entering the hospital. The safety and well being of all members of the community and our staff is our top priority.


Media Release

For Immediate Release: Tuesday 11 February 2020


Alexandra District Health is working with the Department of Health and Human Services through a self-assessment process for the new Capability Framework for Victorian Surgical and Procedural Services.

CEO Debbie Rogers said: “The new State-wide initiative around surgical services aims to improve patient safety.

“Alexandra District Health is continuing to perform the majority of surgery while the review is taking place - such as cataracts, colonoscopy, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, colposcopy, minor gynaecological procedures, minor adult Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) surgery, urology and lesion removal. Any higher level surgeries will need to be considered on a case by case basis while the assessment is taking place.

“The community is reassured that Alexandra District Health will continue to work closely with patients to ensure they can access the surgery needed, either locally or in partnership with other health service providers.

“Alexandra District Health has a strong reputation for providing high quality health services to the community and we are pleased that over the last 20-plus years we have had an excellent record of surgery performance.

“It is important that we continue to provide safe and high quality care to our community; meeting the requirements of the new framework will support this into the future.

The health service is also working with nursing and medical staff, local doctors and surgeons about the new framework.

Alexandra District Health - Paediatric Services Review


Alexandra District Health is now smoke free

Friday 31st May was World No Tobacco Day and from this date Alexandra District Health (ADH) joined many hospitals and healthcare facilities by becoming a Smoke Free site (including e-cigarettes).  The Victorian Government supports smoke-free Hospitals and Health Services.

The ADH Smoke Free policy will include all ADH campuses, both indoors and outdoors including all grounds and parking areas.

The decision for ADH to become Smoke Free supports our drive to improve the health and well-being of the people of our community, and our staff.

The policy applies to all health service employees, patients, visitors, students, contractors, volunteers, and all other guests.   An effort is now underway to alert patients, their families, visitors and ADH staff to the Smoke Free policy.  Support available to all who wish to quit smoking, by contacting the QUIT Line 137 848 (13 QUIT) or visiting www.quit or contacting the Respiratory Nurse at Alexandra District Health on (03) 5772 0900.

For further information about this process please feel free to contact Alexandra District Health on (03) 5772 0900.


Old Hospital Building

Interested to know whats happening with the old hospital building? We have a dedicated website to keep the community up to date follow the link here.

Alexandra District Health has been investigating options and working through processes in relation to the old hospital site, which is currently vacant.

The old building is more than 50 years old. The fire system in the old building was decommissioned when Alexandra District Health Service moved into the new hospital. Unfortunately the existing fire services don’t meet current fire safety standards and the old hospital building is not safe for occupancy. We worked closely with the community groups that were occupying the old hospital site, to help them relocate to suitable premises.

Alexandra District Health has been operating from the new hospital premises at 12 Cooper Street, Alexandra since November 2011.The new hospital building more than adequately services the health needs of the community.

The old hospital site has a Queens Caveat registered on the title, which requires the site to be used only as a hospital – and it is not required to be used as such. Therefore, the Board could not justify applying or diverting an enormous proportion of its funds allocated to health services, to repair a building that is not needed for the operation of a hospital – the only permitted purpose.

The Board has written to the Health Minister and advised its decision and we have received written confirmation of the commencement of the formal process in line with the Victorian Landholding and Policy Guidelines.

The property must be referred to Department of Treasury and Finance for reallocation within government or for sale.



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