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For release 5th October 2018.

The sites on which the old and new Alexandra hospitals are located are controlled by the State of Victoria.  The new hospital site is owned by the Department of Health and Human Services.  The old hospital site was a Crown Grant and is registered in the name of The Alexandra Community Hospital which, by devolution, is now Alexandra District Health.  There is, however, a Queens Caveat registered on the title to the old hospital site which, in line with the original Crown Grant requires the site to be used only as a hospital, failing which, the land will revert to the Government.  Both sites, therefore, are ultimately under the control of the Department of Treasury and Finance.

Alexandra District Health (ADH) has been operating health services from the new hospital at 12 Cooper Street, Alexandra since November 2011, rendering the old hospital building surplus to need.

Since 2011 ADH has enabled the old hospital building to be used by various community groups who were in need of premises. In retrospect, this breached the conditions of the Crown Grant/ Queens Caveat which stipulates that the building be used for health services.

Additionally, a report received from Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA), as part of ADH’s risk management processes, included several recommendations with respect to compliance and safety.  Arising out of those recommendations, ADH commissioned a report from an independent building surveyor & fire safety engineer in April 2018, which advised that the old hospital building was not safe for occupancy due to fire safety regulations and was in fact in breach of the Building Act.  The report recommended the occupants be relocated promptly.

ADH worked closely with the community groups to help them relocate to suitable premises.

The property is now vacant and secured.

Following the building of the new hospital, the old premises are no longer needed for the provision of health services, with all health services relocated to the new, fit for purpose facility.

According to the Victorian Government Land Holding Policy and Guidelines the property must be referred to Department of Treasury and Finance for reallocation within government or for sale.

In August 2018, on the recommendation from the Department of Health & Human Services, ADH engaged a quantity surveyor to determine the cost of refurbishment of the old building to bring it up to modern standards. The indicative costings are in the order of $14 million.

It is not the role of ADH to fund or seek funding for such refurbishment as the land is not required for the provision of health services and, as such, the ADH Board will be writing to the Health Minister seeking to hand back the site to Government in line with Government policy. Given the high level of community interest and affection towards the old hospital, ADH will also request that the Minister accept the property in its current condition so that other government authorities have an option to purchase the property and repurpose it for the benefit of the Alexandra and broader communities.


Clinical Services Plan 2018 - 2023 Launch.

For immediate release Monday 20/08/2018.

The Alexandra District Health Clinical Services Plan 2018-2023 was launched at an Open Day Event for the health service on Saturday 18 August.

Alexandra District Health CEO, Debbie Rogers said: “The five-year Plan was developed in close consultation with the community, stakeholders and staff to identify health service needs.

“A total of 147 residents attended community sessions in Eildon, Marysville, Alexandra and Yea to help shape the future of our services. Plus 16 staff and 21 stakeholders had input into the planning. A total of 49 online surveys were also submitted.”

Ms Rogers said: “The Clinical Services Plan outlines the direction for health services in the Alexandra District Health catchment over the next five years. It identifies the scope of service delivery and informs future planning and development opportunities.”

“The Plan proposes a variety of new and improved services and partnerships. In addition, there is much that can be done in community education and health promotion.”

Alexandra District Health Board Chair Carole Staley said: “We are very proud of the modern facilities that our health service has to offer, and our highly skilled and capable staff.

"The Alexandra District Health Clinical Services Plan for 2018-2023 demonstrates our commitment to providing high quality services and to meeting the needs of our community both now and in the future.

“We encourage everyone to read the document and we thank the community and staff for their valuable input,” Ms Staley said.

The Plan has four key priority areas and actions focusing on:

1. Collaboration (partnerships)

2. Sustainability (strengthening and growing services)

3. Aged Care Services

4. Child, Youth and Family Services.

The Clinical Services Plan highlights a number of socio-demographics:

families with children representing around 20 % of all households in Murrindindi East.

The Health Profile shows:

The brochure is available at Alexandra District Health or download a copy here.


For immediate release 30th July 2018.

Message from the Chair and CEO


Alexandra District Health has been operating from the new hospital premises at 12 Cooper Street, Alexandra since November 2011 and we are currently considering the future of the old hospital site.

We are working through a number of processes and considerations. The building is more than 50 years old and valued by the community. The fire system in the old building was decommissioned when Alexandra District Health Service moved into the new hospital. Unfortunately the existing fire services don’t meet current fire safety standards and the old hospital building is not safe for occupancy. We have been working closely with the community groups that were occupying the old hospital site, to help them relocate to suitable premises.

We are also working in accordance with the Victorian Government Landholding Policy and Guidelines and Victorian Government Land Transaction Policy and Guidelines. The caveat on old hospital site was for the building to be used for health services. Following the building of the new hospital, the old premises is no longer needed for this purpose, with all health services relocated to the new building when it opened.

The property is complex as it overlaps three adjacent parcels of land, on three separate titles. In addition, if Alexandra District Health was to return the property to the government, the property would need to be in a suitable form for use. We are investigating the options.

We are engaging a quantity surveyor to determine the cost of refurbishment of the building to bring it up to modern standards. Once we have this estimate, we would need to write to the Government to determine the next steps.

We will keep people informed throughout the process.

Carole Staley                                      Debbie Rogers

Board Chair                                         CEO

Alexandra District Health                 Alexandra District Health


Media Release

For Immediate Release: Friday 20 July 2018

Consumer Advisory Committee members appointed

representing community health needs

Alexandra District Health welcomes five Consumer Advisory Committee members, who will meet next week to represent the community on a range of health needs.

Alexandra District Health received a total of nine applications for the Consumer Advisory Committee and five people were successful including: Pamela Delmodes; Leanne Monro; Dianne Wilson; Suzy van der Vlies and returning member Allan Smith.

Alexandra District Health CEO, Debbie Rogers said: “We were very pleased to receive applications from community-minded people, dedicated to improving consumer, carer and community participation in service planning and operations at Alexandra District Health.

“We welcome the recently appointed members of the Committee, who have demonstrated a strong understanding of the local community and local health issues, are active members of the local community with strong community networks, have strategic thinking abilities and great communication skills.”

Applications for the Consumer Advisory Committee were invited through advertising in the local paper and promotion via the Alexandra District Health website, facebook page and noticeboards. Letters were also sent to people who had registered their interest in participating, through the Clinical Service Plan consultation process via online survey.

Interviews were held by a panel including the CEO (Debbie Rogers), Board member (Geoff Hyland) and Quality & Risk Manager (Viv Low)

The Consumer Advisory Committee is a strategic advisory committee to the Alexandra District Health Board. Members undertake the following roles:

The Committee consists of the following members - two Board members, the Chief Executive Officer, two Staff members (one being the secretary) and five Community members.


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